Changshu Shimizu Packaging Co., LTD

 Changshu Shimizu Packaging Co., LTD  is a subsidiary company of Japan Shimizu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 
Our advantage

Our advantage

About us


Rich Experiences

Changshu Shimizu packaging

Co.,Ltd. In Changshu was

founded in August, 2006,

having been providing

customers with high quality,

low price packaging products by designing and printing.

"Customer-centered" is our aim.


Advanced Technology

100% of wholly-owned overseas

subsidiaries of SHIMIZU CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD held the

effective technology to produce polyethylene bags, fashion bags, vest bags, garbage bags, film bags in special shape made by polyethylene, the diaphragm (chip)

production and sales of other

products with low cost and high quality

Generally we are using the oil-based-ink. but water-based ink is able to contridute to the global environment and people.


Excellent Team

Vigorous vitality, excellent management team, professional and technical personnel,

experienced production staff, stable raw

material suppliers and full quality source of

goods are our capital, which provide sufficient guarantee for strong production capacity

and stable quality.


Green and Environmental

We are developing products that use biomaterials, non-oil-produced plastics, but promote the “green” theme by using bio-based plastics and biodegradable plastics produced from plants such as corn and sugar cane.

About us

About us

Changshu Shimizu Packaging Co., LTD


Changshu Shimizu Packaging Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Shimizu Chemical Industry Co.,LTD. in Japan. The shimizu chemical industry Co.,Ltd. has been engaged in packaging production for more than 60 years and has an annual sales volume of approximately 4,000 tons. We are producing and selling polyethylene-made shopping bags, fashion bags, vest bags, garbage bags, special-shaped bags, and polyethylene film, diaphragm production at low cost and high quality.

Changshu Shimizu Packaging Co., LTD. has more than 100 employees and mainly divided into production and management. The production department is composed of several parts such as blown film, printing, bag making, seizure products, and mixed materials. And the number of people accounts for about 85% of the total number of companies; the management department mainly includes finance, administrative personnel, customs, and statistics. And sales of several parts. All departments perform their duties, fulfill their responsibilities, coordinate and communicate with each other, aim at improving the quality of customers, and provide quality services for the development of the company.

Business goals: professional, honest, high-quality product suppliers; customers trusted, preferred brand suppliers.

Business philosophy: professional, honest, trustworthy, and environmental protection.

Service tenet: Provide highquality products with reasonable price and perfect service.Improve production efficiency and product quality as the goal of customer's requirements.Continuously introduce advanced technology and equipment to provide more comprehensive and valuable product and service for customers.

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